Sleeping Bag For 4 Season
Sleeping Bag For 4 Season
Sleeping Bag For 4 Season

Your choice of sleeping bag can make or break your outdoor excursion- its critical for warmth,comfort, safety, and helping
your body get the rest it needs. Take the guesswork out of the decision with the Sportneer 4 Season Sleeping Bag! This
sleeping bag is the perfect choice for casual camping and intense backpacking alike.

s lightweight enough to carry on the go, without sacrificing warmth! The high-quality polyester shellwill keep you warm
and dry throughout the night. Even the harshest conditions are no match forthis sleeping bag- it will keep you nice and toast
even in below-freezing weather (as low as 15
°F)! Also, a small pillow gives your neck some good support.

Need a bit more wiggle room? You can zip two sleeping bags together so that you can share with friends and family or spread
out on your own. (
Note: This sleeping bag zips at the right side. If you want to make it double, you also need one
zipping at the left side.)

s just what you need to geta good nights sleep after a long day out in the elements. Once you snuggle up in the
Sportneer spelling bag, you
ll realize what youve been missing.

Here at Sportneer, we look to bring the best of an active lifestyle to you.That
s why if somethings not up to 100%
satis faction connect with our customer service team and we
ll be more than happy toget back to you within 24 hours. And
because we always put our money where our mouth is, we promise you our:
-12-Month Replacement Warranty
-30-Day Money Back Guarantee
-Lifetime Support Guarantee

- Product Dimension:
190+30*75 CM

- Product Weight: 1.5KG

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