Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag for Adults
Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag for Adults
Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag for Adults

Flannel Imported

ŸLarger and Softer: Long size is 95"x35"/6000px x 2250px.Perfect XL cotton flannel lined sleeping bags for adultsof 6'6" in tall.High-quality and durable 210T polyester ripstop fabric, waterproof and standsup to years of use.

ŸReverse Zipper: 2-way zippers can zip 2 adult sleeping bag forhiking together to be used as a double-bag with flannel lining.

ŸCompressed Sack: XL sleeping bags for camping include aconvenient internal stuff pocket on liner for storing your belongings and anexternal compressed oxford sack. Package size:18"x8"x8"/45x20x500px. Pack weight: 5.3lbs/2.5kg.

Our sleeping bags are 95"x35"/6000px x 2250px,which is 5 inches/317.5px wider than most sleeping bags. Extra:The

flannel sleeping bag has a 2-way zipper with zipper guard which allows you to connect flannel sleeping bags for camping together.

The soft flannel liner and the high
density rebound hollowcotton fiber
filling gives you a warmerand more comfortable sleeping experience.

The built-in cords on our sleeping bags make it more convenient for you to tie and store you sleeping bag.

Our compression bags are adjustable and can be adjust till a certain minimum, created for you to store it very easily in your car,backpack or others to take it wherever you go.


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